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Vision Tulsa Summary

Vision Tulsa is an $884.1 million tax renewal package that goes to a vote April 5, 2016. This package is a balanced plan that addresses Tulsa’s public safety and streets needs while also investing in job opportunities—without raising taxes. The Vision Tulsa package has three major parts:

  1. Public Safety: This portion would provide about 160 new police officers, 65 new firefighters, 16 additional 911 personnel and street maintenance workers, among other additions. The $272 million budget is set aside as a permanent tax for public safety during its first 15 years.
  2. Streets and Transportation: This package will support streets, traffic and public transportation. It will add Sunday service for bus routes, it will create a new downtown loop, a new midtown loop and two rapid transit lines. The $102 million budget during the first 15 years would become a permanent investment in our ongoing need for street repairs, transportation and infrastructure.
  3. Economic Development: This is an important component of the overall package that will lay the foundation for future economic growth. The first two areas addressed critical needs for public safety and streets, while this proposition addresses our need for more jobs.

While there are many projects included that will add jobs and generate economic development, investment in the Arkansas River is a key component. There is funding for critical infrastructure needs like dam repairs, as well as funding for construction of new dams that will more safely control water flow while creating 12 miles of new lake shoreline to be enjoyed. These investments will promote strategic development of areas around the river while preserving Turkey Mountain and other key areas for trails, parkland and recreation. It will be strategic development, not a place for strip malls or big box stores.

This package also supports education. OSU-Tulsa, Tulsa Community College and Langston University would receive funding to support new facilities for class instruction, student support and job placement through industry partnership. For common education, the Safety First initiative would improve safety at crosswalks for 82 public school sites while also providing critical communication equipment between first responders and administrators at Tulsa Public Schools, Jenks and Union. Finally, funding would also be provided to help recruit and retain teachers for Tulsa Public Schools, Jenks and Union schools.


These proposals are about streets, public safety and creating jobs. As a whole, Vision Tulsa is a balanced plan for our entire community that invests in our most pressing needs without raising taxes.

Public Engagement

The Vision Tulsa package was developed with unprecedented citizen feedback. This process:

  • Began four years ago.
  • Includes five citizen-led and three Council-led task forces.
  • Has involved 103 televised, public fact-finding meetings since December 2013.
  • Was shaped with the help of 25 town hall meetings and public hearings across the city.
  • Involved untold number of Council district and neighborhood association meetings.
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