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Proposition 1: Public Safety




The most admired communities make public safety a priority. Individuals and families alike deserve the security and confidence that comes with knowing we have adequate police officers to proactively address potential problems while also being able to mobilize quickly to respond to crime.

Great communities also assure sufficient staffing and resources for fire departments, the first responders for every community.

It’s time for Tulsa to assure we have our basic public safety needs met.



  • The public safety portion of the Vision Tulsa plan will add 160 police officers and 65 firefighters.
  • The added police officers will allow police stations to remain open 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
  • It will improve response times for police by having more patrol officers ready to answer calls.
  • New street crime units will be deployed to focus on serial crimes like burglary and robbery, using intelligence-led policing to keep neighborhoods safe.
  • A portion of the Vision Tulsa tax will be made permanent for an ongoing investment in our public safety needs.
  • The public safety portion of the Vision Tulsa plan invests in one of our most critical needs, without raising taxes.





Since August 2014, the Public Safety Task Force has:

  • Conducted 31 fact-finding meetings and site tours.
  • Engaged University of Cincinnati – Institute of Crime Science to evaluate needs and recommend best practices.
  • Conducted a Fire Department resource allocation and utilization study.
  • Held five town hall meetings and numerous Council district meetings.
  • Continually refined the plan based on lessons learned from the above activity.
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