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Proposition 3: Economic Development


  • The economic development portion of the Vision Tulsa plan is a temporary tax that will be used for projects that create jobs, while keeping our tax rate the same.
  • Tulsa cannot sit back and let other cities pass us by with their own economic development efforts.
  • The economic development projects will help diversify our economy so we aren’t so reliant on oil and gas.
  • This includes funding for the city to partner with our city’s school districts for teacher recruitment and student safety.



River Lakes: While there are many projects included that will add jobs and generate economic development, investment in the Arkansas River is a key component. There is funding for critical infrastructure needs like dam repairs, as well as funding for construction of new dams that will more safely control water flow while creating 12 miles of new lake shoreline to be enjoyed. These investments will promote strategic development of areas around the river while preserving Turkey Mountain and other key areas for trails, parkland and recreation. It will be strategic development, not a place for strip malls or big box stores.

Air National Guard: Provides a local match for the construction of a Mission Training Center at the Tulsa Air National Guard base, a key component in securing operational duties for the next generation aircraft—the F-35—and protecting the base from future base closings.

Education: This package also supports education. OSU-Tulsa, Tulsa Community College and Langston University would receive funding to support new facilities for class instruction, student support and job placement through industry partnership. For common education, the Safety First initiative would improve safety at crosswalks for 82 public school sites while also providing critical communication equipment between first responders and administrators at Tulsa Public Schools, Jenks and Union. Finally, funding would also be provided to help recruit and retain teachers for Tulsa Public Schools, Jenks and Union schools.


Extensive Planning Efforts

Since May 2015, the Vision Economic Development Task Force has:

  • Conducted 24 fact-finding and prioritization meetings.
  • Held seven public input sessions.
  • Hosted numerous Council district town hall meetings.
  • Conducted surveys through several local community organizations.
  • Received 121 community-driven proposals for recommendations and received 152 emails with ideas and feedback.

Proposals received totaled $2.5 billion in budget needs.

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