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America’s most admired communities are always looking for ways to improve. They increase public safety and they enhance their roads and infrastructure. These cities also find bold ways to fund quality of life projects and facilities that give citizens a more fulfilling experience while also bringing in vital economic development resources.

Legacy Vision Project

Vision is Tulsa’s way of doing all of the above. This 0.6 percent tax package is an extension of the original Vision 2025 initiative that Tulsa County voters passed in 2003. Vision 2025 has generated more than $651 million in economic development since its inception. The package gave our community dozens of projects in each of the 10 cities in Tulsa County. One of these projects was the beloved BOK Center, which has produced nearly $17 million in sales tax revenue and has delivered an estimated economic impact of almost $300 million.

On April 5, 2016, voters in the city of Tulsa will have the opportunity to keep a good thing going — a really good thing.

Vision includes a blend of Tulsa’s most critical needs:

Public Safety

More police officers. More firefighters. And, more tools and equipment they need to protect Tulsa.


Street maintenance and traffic as well as transit operations and capital.

Economic Impact

Projects like the Air National Guard’s F-35 training facility and also improvements to several public parks. This also includes quality of life projects like a completely reimagined Gilcrease Museum, improvements to the Tulsa Zoo and a permanent home for Tulsa Children’s Museum, as well as a dozen other projects.


Helping to keep teachers at Tulsa Public Schools, Union and Jenks. Also needed support for higher education at Langston University, Tulsa Community College and OSU-Tulsa.


Taking care of our community with projects including North Peoria Avenue and South Mingo Corridor improvements as well as Route 66 beautification and renovations for the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, among others.